Art Design & Media Internships

Internship for Creative students in Art & Design with     3 positions available

     Company Description: Mission ( is to provide comprehensive
     information to consumers about professionals worldwide.

Internships provide:

  1. Opportunity to learn applicable aspects of the impact art, design and creative media provides for education, marketing, branding and growth of a business.
  2. Opportunity to design, write and bring to fruition several media or marketing pieces.
  3. Introduction into both profit and non-profit aspects of business and development.

Internship Description: 

  1. Participate in general company meetings (4-6). (Requirement waived and other conditions apply if intern does not attend university or live in San Antonio area.)
  2. Work on any assigned team projects.  (3-5)
  3. Maintain weekly report (emailed or faxed) to supervisor (due each Monday by 9 am)
  4. Create one new or substantive idea appropriate for implementation on site.
  5. Assist and develop time-lines for completion of media/art projects assigned. (1-2)
  6. Compare/Contrast report:  Research 5-7 existing publications, PowerPoint presentations or html emails.  Report strengths and weaknesses, using results to make recommendation as to an effective sample for site.
  7. Contact Texas Media company for possible publication of approved form of intern's work (to create public awareness of intern's skills, as well as teach intern skills in marketing their work). (i.e. ads, commercial, a site feature, a mini-film, etc.)
  8. Contact another state or national entity media company to request a display of intern created project. 
  9. Opportunity to be involved in Creative development of at least 4 of the following media, educational and marketing projects, such as:
    a.PowerPoint Presentations (1 educational, 1 marketing, 1 consumer oriented, 1 targeted to a specific professional group, 1 other (intern choice), ¦related to the site.
    b. Mini-CD interactive disk development and production
    c. Brochures (specific to a particular profession), letterhead and marketing designs
    d. Possible (if skills of interns allow) development of 15, 30, 60 second TV commercials
    e. Assist in Design and layout of full-color publication, as well as design/layout of quarterly newsletter to membership.

Hours Per Week: 8-10

How to Apply:
Mail or fax info below

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume
  3. What skills do you offer, or why do you have a special interest in this internship?
  4. Include one reference of a professor or previous employer.

Qualifications: Candidates should be hardworking, dependable, attentive to detail, willing to learn, strong interest in art, design or special media skills. 

Added Features:  In an effort to generate possible employment opportunities and marketing for interns, a special area on our site features interns, including names, photos, university name, university contact information, project assigned to each intern, and resume.  Press releases will be sent to intern's area media (TV, radio, newspapers) regarding each intern, internship responsibilities and sponsoring university.  (Interns and sponsoring universities may also provide additional addresses, such as hometown or academic newspapers, for additional news release requests.)

Interns may also be invited to business development, networking and marketing meetings provided by city/community groups (in an effort to make the community aware of the interns skills and projects, and to assist interns in practical, application development and training for necessary future business relationship skills.)

Internships available for Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester.

Location: Our offices are located at 15303 Huebner Rd, #10, San Antonio, TX 78248

Contact: Access Referral Network, 15303 Huebner Rd, #10, San Antonio, TX 78248 (210-614-9911). 
Best method of contact is through our "Contact Us" form.