Privacy Policy

The site honors your right to privacy and confidentiality. As a matter of fact, our entire philosophy is that consumers should have the ability to search for professionals without leaving their name, email or reasons to seek care as they search.

Professionals on our site will never have your contact information, IP address, or identifying information, unless you give this information to them by contacting them via email or phone and disclosing such.

We do not ask for consumer'sidentifying information, except on possible contact forms (where you can leave information voluntarily). However, as do all other internet sites, your computer's IP address when you visit our site is identified.
That information is used solely for two reasons:
1. Law authorities or Homeland Security Federal Offices may legally gather that information if a threat has been made of some nature. This information may be used regarding a threat to a member on our site, a threat from a hacker attempting to breach our 128bit encrypted security features, or a threat of some other nature which would put ForAccess or members at risk.
2. Through IP to gather specific data (# of hits to site, countries visiting, most active times of the day, most active days, pages visited).

We also honor the terms and conditions of anti-spam policies along with email marketing, contact and survey best practices.

The manager of the or Access Referral Network mailing list may send general email communications and / or survey invitations with your permission. You may safely unsubscribe at any time.