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If we find a member or advertiser has provided inaccurate information, they will be asked to correct information or be removed from the site. There are no refunds, nor recourse, for those removed from the site who provide inaccurate information, obscene or hate-related information, and refuse to correct such. Information found on site does not constitute a primary issuing source for the purpose of credentials verification. 

Information Members May Add:
We will remove any member's page who uses obscene, indecent or threatening verbage on their page.  Content of site is subject to change without notice. If you find inaccurate information, please contact us immediately for review.

Refund, Dues, Membership Policy:

As memberships provide immediate access to the public for review of your web-page (or web-site) and as such access information is impossible to "return," memberships are not refundable..

If a member wishes to discontinue registration & display their professional information as a member, they may contact us, in writing, 7 days prior to their next automated credit card billing cycle.  If your credit card has expired, you will receive an email notice.  Your web-page will be removed from viewing until your credit card information has been updated.  You may be required to submit updated information at that time.

In unusual or extenuating circumstances (such as death), requests for refunds are reviewed individually, and if refunds are made, they are subject to a $25 administrative fee. In these cases,  if payment has been made for Yearly Memberships, refunds will only be made on a prorated basis (i.e. if member has listed info for ½ year, they will receive a maximum refund for remaining ½ year, minus $25 admin fee.)

Members are not authorized to allow site access information to anyone (other than spouse or partner working on the registrant's page). Members are not allowed to register their information and then later ‘switch' and allow a different registrant to continue the balance of their membership. If such is done, member understands their membership will become null and void, and they will not be entitled to any refunds for any remaining membership period.

Those who register on our site, agree to "opt-in" to receive a free newsletter. Members receive periodic newsletters. Newsletters for members provide marketing information, introduces members of the site for networking, and introduces select affiliate partners/programs offering special programs or discounted products to members. 

When joining, member receives email(s) welcoming them to site. They also opt-in if they have built their site through www.MarketMyName.com affiliate to add the features to review statistical information regarding their site's traffic and sources.

If a member includes such contact ability on their web-site, consumers will have ability to request appointments from members. If consumer requests such, he/she will be required to submit email and contact information. If consumer does not wish to provide this information, they simply contact the professional directly via telephone. Email requests for appointments can be forwarded to member. (Listing of emails remains the choice of each member & they indicate if public posting of email is to be included).

You may contact us in 2 ways:

Send an email, (see "about us" or ‘contact us' page) with follow-up telephone confirmation to insure email is received. (Emails are not 100% reliable, so it is member's responsibility to follow-up).

Or member may send written notice, via regular mail, to Access Referral Network, 15303 Huebner Rd #10. San Antonio, TX 78248. Notification MUST be received in our offices at least 7 days prior to membership renewal in order to discontinue membership of that billing cycle.